Colour separation mould









As a vital tool for making handcrafted cement tiles, the pattern colour separation mould endows ordinary cement with totally different patterns and styles.

The pattern colour separation mould is mainly produced with brass pieces and bars. It takes about 6-7 days for a mould maker to make one mould by hand in accordance with the design pattern.

Making a good colour separation mould requires the flatness accuracy within an admissible error of 0.01 millimeter, which make the lineation of finished cement tiles smooth and clear. Any mistakes occur in the process will lead to the reproduction of the mould.

NANCHOW has updated five times to improve the quality of the pattern mould continuously. The brass pieces and bars we use is thinner and thinner in order to make more complicated patterns. We also adjust the way of soldering accordingly to solve the problem of distortion of the mould. The newest brass pieces and bars we use is 0.05 millimeter.

Due to the wear and tear, a pattern mould may be scrapped after producing about 2000 cement tiles. Our designers are trying to endow the useless moulds with new functions and values,
which is an important subject of NANCHOW.